Jobs/Military Fact:  Military spending results in less American jobs being created than equal spending on education, health care, or clean energy.  According to a 2009 study by the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, for every 1 billion dollars the United States Government spends on the military, 11,600 jobs are created.  That same 1 billion dollars spent on clean energy would create 17,100 jobs; on health care, 19,600 jobs are created; and on education, 29,100 jobs are created!

Again, here is the breakdown of jobs created for each 1 billion dollars spent by our government:

Military:            11,600

Clean Energy:  17,100 (+5,500)

Health Care:     19,600 (+8,000)

Education:        29,100 (+17,500)

As taxpayers who pay for every dollar of military spending, we now know military spending is a poor choice for job creation.  Indeed, since 1953 we’ve known that our military spending is in many ways immoral (see “Every Rocket Fired Is A Theft” under Military Facts here in The Democratic Guide).  So the multi-billion dollar question is:  What will you do about it now?  Click on the first link below to see one easy thing you can do to start making a difference today.

Military Spending = Less Jobs.