Welcome to Democratic America!

We are launching at this time so we could provide an antidote for the difficult situation facing our beloved America today and begin the work that will propel strong, smart, and thoughtful Democratic candidates to victory going forward.

The vast majority of Americans agree with our Democratic ideas and plans, but Cons win elections they shouldn’t. Why? Certainly there are structural issues like gerrymandering and barriers that have been erected to stop a lot of people from voting, but even with the devious tactics they use, we should still be kicking their asses in most elections around the country. The biggest problem is that too many of us have been apathetic. We sit back wishing things go well, and then we are shocked when the other side’s outrageous behavior wins on Election Day.

— That must change now! Not at the next election, but today. With action, today is the day we begin to win!

You will notice as you read the posts on our site that we will never mention the name of the con man who is inaugurated as President on January 20, 2107. There are a number of reasons for this choice. First and foremost is that this man has earned the name “con man” by his odious practices. He has lied repeatedly and he continues to do so. He has cheated people throughout his career both in business and in politics. He is a lot of other things as well.

We could fairly refer to him as a narcissist, an egomaniac, a pervert, and a few other descriptors that we will not mention here. In short, he has earned the name con man and that is how we will refer to him. Another reason we will not mention his name is because of the incredible degree to which his name is already used in the media. He is impotent without coverage, and while we cannot ignore him completely, we will do our best to focus on the good things we can do, and refer to him only infrequently, and by the name he has most earned: con man.

Since the party the con man leads is so closely tied to him, it is only appropriate to refer to them as the “Cons.” They too have earned this name and it is the only name we will use for them. You can read a post in The Democratic Guide for a further explanation of the name “Cons” and why it is most appropriate.

You will also notice there are no “comments” sections to our posts. The reason for this is to keep the site clean and troll free. Trolls, both foreign and domestic, are too often a dirty bunch whose only goal is to leave a mess behind.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is that we must stand up and speak out for justice, freedom, and kindness. The single most important action you can take as a regular citizen is to let your voice be heard. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. put it well with many of his quotes and here are a couple that come to mind:

  • “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 
  • “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

We hope you will consider running for an elected office because a strong democracy requires that good, smart people get involved. A strong democracy also requires that our citizens be well informed and actually speak out about issues that matter. We will be building this site up over the upcoming months to help you speak out more strongly. We hope you will find Democratic America a good place to visit, gather good ideas, and then use them for creating a better future. Now, let’s get active and win!