Avoid The Tax Trap

When talking about taxes Cons always use the combination of “tax” and “burden.”  Avoid their trap and never allow yourself to repeat those two words together.  Taxes are a necessary reality of a civilized society.  Taxes pay for services, so always talk about taxes in the context of the services they pay for. Taxes pay for roads, police officers, firefighters, air-traffic controllers, food inspectors, justice services, clean water monitors, national parks, libraries, schools, and so

Remember To Smile

Smile whenever you make your case.  Being a progressive you are advocating for humane, enlightened, and uplifting positions.  Make sure your audience knows that you are confident and proud of the position you are advancing, and the easiest way to convey confidence is to smile while you make your case.  Cons are trained to smile despite the fact that they are arguing for un-American policies based on exclusion and greed.  Surely with the power of