Low Capital Gains Rates Harm Economy.

Tax Fact:  Since the end of World War I there have been two periods in the United States when the top tax rate for long-term capital gains was lowered to under 20%:  From 1922-1933 the top tax rate for long-term capital gains was lowered to 12.5% (from 73% in 1921 when capital gains were taxed at the same rate as income from work), and from 2003 to the 2012 it was 15%.   In both periods

Stock Market Performance Is Way Better With Democratic Presidents.

Economic Fact:  If you like getting great returns from the stock market, vote for a Democratic President.  In a study that compared the performance of a $10,000 investment in the S & P stock market index from 1929 to October 2008, if you kept that investment in the market during the 39.9 years that Democrats were in the White House during that time and took it out when they left office, your $10,000 would have

Ronald Reagan took us from being a creditor nation to being the largest debtor nation

The first year Reagan was President, 1981, the United States was a net creditor to the rest of the world in the amount of $140,900,000,000 ($140.9 billion).  In 1984 we were still a net creditor, but the amount had been reduced to $3,300,000,000 ($3.3 billion).  In 1987, we owed other nations a net amount of $378,300,000,000 ($378.3 billion).  By the end of 1988, Reagan’s last year in office, the net amount we owed other nations